A Volunteer experience near Addo Elephant National Park

 Addo Elephant national park: A place to visit or to volunteer.

You are a nature lover travelling to South Africa and you want something less crowded than Kruger? Add the Addo Elephant National Park to your route! Situated in the North of Port Elizabeth, this small village has a lot of memories to offer.

Either you are a Volunteer or a backpacker but also a nature lover, Addo is a destination not to miss!

Less touristic than Kruger, The Addo Elephant National Park hosts most of the animals which composed the Big Five (The Lion, The Buffalo, The Elephant, The Leopard and the Rhino) but it mainly focuses on Elephants.

Why volunteer in Addo?

It is not because it is far from everything that it is uninteresting! Indeed the Orange elephant Backpackers worth the stay. Indeed, You will find a nice place to chill and meet people( either guests or local). Thanks to the local bar. But also the proximity to the National park makes it be an unforgettable experience as you get a discount to the park as a volunteer.

So if you want to learn more about this animals’ paradise, its location and its surroundings, you can have a look at my first paid article published by travelicious.com!

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